Noah and Braison Cyrus Absent from Tish Cyrus’s Wedding: Unraveling the Family Dynamics

The joyous occasion of Tish Cyrus’s wedding to “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell on August 19 in the picturesque setting of Malibu was filled with love and celebration. Surrounded by the warmth of family, three of her five children — Miley, Brandi, and Trace Cyrus — graced the event, with Miley seemingly taking on the important role of maid of honor. However, a noticeable absence in the family gathering was Noah and Braison Cyrus, two of Tish’s children, and their weekend social media activity has sparked speculation of underlying family tensions.

Tish’s previous marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus spanned an impressive 28 years before their divorce in April 2022. Their union brought forth three children — Miley, Braison, and Noah. Billy Ray also embraced Tish’s children from her prior marriage to Baxter Neal Helson, thereby solidifying a larger familial bond that extended beyond bloodlines.

Noah’s weekend social media posts, meticulously documented by BuzzFeed News, unveiled a narrative of togetherness between her and Braison. The two siblings shared moments of a “sleepover,” with Noah posting a cozy snapshot of herself alongside Braison and a mutual friend, Alec Holden, all lounging in bed. Additional posts featured the pair’s amazement at a local Walmart’s ongoing construction and Noah wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus T-shirt. While these posts seemed innocent enough, fans quickly pieced together that Noah and Braison might have opted to forgo their attendance at Tish’s wedding. The reasoning behind this decision remains shrouded in uncertainty, yet some fans speculate that beneath their father Billy’s public statements, there might indeed be an undercurrent of unease stemming from the Cyrus family’s intricate dynamics post-Billy and Tish’s divorce.

In November 2022, the news of Billy’s engagement to his current fiancée, Firerose (age 34), emerged, coinciding with Tish and Purcell’s blossoming romance. Billy, at 61, had previously expressed that there were no lingering hard feelings after his divorce from Tish, asserting that “Everyone knew that that relationship was over a long time ago. Everybody’s turning the page. It’s been a lot, but everyone knew that it was time for a change.” Despite this, eagle-eyed fans observed that Billy no longer follows Miley or Tish on Instagram, and vice versa, a digital gesture that could potentially hint at the division of loyalties within the family.

The speculation around Noah’s absence from Tish’s wedding ceremony has stirred a wave of curiosity, and fans eagerly await any official statements that may shed light on the family’s intricacies. As the intricate tapestry of relationships continues to evolve, the Cyrus family’s journey unfolds, garnering both empathy and intrigue from those who have followed their story. While representatives for Noah and Tish have yet to provide any insights, the absence of two family members on Tish’s significant day has ignited conversations about the ties that bind and sometimes untangle within even the most famous of families.

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